Document Type : Original Research Paper


Department of management sciences, Iqra University Islamabad, Islamabad, Pakistan


The organizational life pervaded with politics (some organizations more than others are). Hence, political behavior is an ordinary part of the Performance Appraisals (PAS) processes and PAS are highly prone by politics. Politics is an important determinant in the pay systems as both supervisors and subordinates have possibilities to influence the results of the appraisal process. The overall atmosphere of all organizations has an influence on the effectiveness of the performance appraisals. The core objective of this review is to accomplish an imperative review of "the politics of performance appraisal” by enticing material from diverse literatures. The study conducted in the aviation industry in Islamabad. Total sample size for this study is 100 including both senior and middle management and comprised of employees who had participated in the organization's appraisal process for at least two years. Politics often enters the performance appraisal method thus manipulating the works. Therefore, to keep the process hindered in a political game, a conscious effort needed by both the manager and those training him or her in appraisal techniques. This study provides useful insights by demonstrating the importance of effective PA in enhancing performance in aviation industry context. Moreover, this study sets out to investigate the politics of PAS in Aviation industry in Islamabad. The results revealed a negative perception that the employees held of the PAS that the system affected by subjectivity, and was influenced by some major errors.