Document Type : Original Research Paper


1 Department of Business Administration, Sylhet International University, Sylhet, Bangladesh

2 Advanced Research and Language Institution, Sylhet, Bangladesh


The present study aimed to examine the determinants of using alternative treatment plans in different types of problems by different educated professionals to facilitate in formulating the appropriate marketing strategies of the most important emergency product- Medicare service providers. This paper attempted to find out the attitudes and behavior of educated professionals in adopting different alternatives in different types of physical problems in order to carry out appropriate program of social marketing. The educated professionals of different fields are selected by stratified sampling method for collecting data by a structured questionnaire. Four major types of alternative treatment plans are considered; allopathic treatment on the basis of modern medical science, homeopathic, herbal and most irrational spiritual-magical method. Physical problems are also divided into seven major categories to get a reflection on overall viewpoints. Opinion of professionals on the main reasons of selecting specific service is also considered for that research. The findings reflects that choices of alternatives by the professionals is differed in different types of problems depends on the success rate, cost of service, risk of side effect and the fear of treatment method specially in case of surgery. Misconception about the cause of diseases and treatment plans is prevailing among a small portion of professionals due to their cultural belief that is not changed by their education. Aggressive advertisement in mass media and other media is also influencing the patients to take the alternative of most scientific method.