Document Type : Original Research Paper


COMSATS Institute of Technology, Islamabad, Pakistan


As rising unemployment levels continually erode job opportunities in Southern Punjab, it is essay to assume that entrepreneurship would be concluded as the next-best career option; however, university graduates show very low interest level in becoming entrepreneurs. Having observed this disinterest, Southern Punjab economic policies have put in place initiatives encouraging youth entrepreneurship; however, these have failed to significantly affect the willingness to engage in entrepreneurial activities. It is against this background that this research will investigate barriers to entrepreneurship as experienced by students. A survey of southern Punjab universities students will be conducted. Their views regarding entrepreneurship will be collected by means of self-completion questionnaires and studied using cluster analysis. Also try to identify the themes that underlie the formation of the taxonomy, namely, family and social influence, exposure to entrepreneurial activity, entrepreneurial support, and education. This research will conclude a discussion of practical solutions and strategies to mitigate the problem of a lack of student entrepreneurship.