Document Type : Original Research Paper


Department of Management Studies, Saranathan College of engineering, Tiruchirappalli, TamilNadu, India


The study elucidates that the Malaysian retail sector has experienced dramatic changes in the last few decades with the emergence of new retail formats such as hypermarkets, large scale supermarkets, and convenience stores. As a result, it has affected the way employees work and their commitment to their organization. Thus, it is important for the retailers know the reasons for employee   motivation, job satisfaction and organizational commitment .The objective of this study is to investigate the various Motivating and De-motivating factors influencing job satisfaction and to identify the relationship between Motivation, job satisfaction and organizational commitment. Further to understand the impact of demographic factors on Retail employees motivation, job satisfaction and organizational commitment.
The study concludes that motivating variables namely Good salary, Monetary benefits, Non-monetary benefits, prospect of promotion, job training and development and Challenging task were the variables that is specifically responsible for overall motivation and satisfaction of employees in the current job. It has also been further concluded that variables responsible for organizational commitment are Good salary, Non-Monetary benefits, Poor relationship with colleagues, career growth, Job training and development, Challenging task, recognition from peers and top management, poor relationship with colleagues and Working long hours, Lack of recognition from top management, Disrespect from top management, Poor working Conditions, Inadequate managerial competence of top management. So, motivation is a psychological trait leading to organizational commitment. This research supports the stated view and proved the hypothesis that there exist a strong relationship between motivation, job-satisfaction and organizational commitment.