Document Type : Review Paper


1 Symbiosis Centre for Research and Innovation (SCRI)

2 Symbiosis Institute of International Business


This research paper aims to comprehensively understand the shift brought about by ChatGPT, an advanced generative AI platform, and its effects on traditional online purchase determinants. Through the integration of a systematic literature review of 304 research articles on online purchase intentions, theories, and constructs, along with an examination of ChatGPT's disruptive capabilities, this study provides valuable insights into the transformative potential of AI in the marketing domain. The literature review process follows the Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses (PRISMA) approach, employing a top-down methodology. The findings reveal the dominance of TAM and UTAUT as theories in traditional online purchase determinants, while also identifying key determinants such as privacy concerns, rising purchase power parity, and online incentives. These determinants are further categorized based on geographical variations and standard of living, drawing insights from studies conducted across different regions. By exploring the disruptions caused by ChatGPT, this study bridges the gap in understanding the impact of AI technologies on traditional online purchase determinants. The insights gained from this research will assist marketers in effectively adapting their strategies to leverage ChatGPT's capabilities, taking into account factors such as personalization, privacy, data security, and ethical AI use. Moreover, there is a need to align existing studies such as TAM and UTAUT with recent constructs like ChatGPT, highlighting the importance of integrating new technological advancements into established models.


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