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1 Universitas Ciputra Surabaya

2 School of Business and Management

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This research examines whether entrepreneurship education can optimally cause entrepreneurial intentions, especially in Indonesia and Malaysia. One of the main problems in entrepreneurship education is the relationship between entrepreneurship education and entrepreneurship goals. However, efforts have been made to include entrepreneurship education in formal school systems. In developing countries, the value of research on entrepreneurship education is becoming increasingly prominent. To what extent entrepreneurship education impacts entrepreneurial tendencies in these countries is still being determined. This research was conducted using a meta-analysis, with the determination of criteria, where this study will take articles from journals in the Scopus database with keywords used (1) Entrepreneurial Education, (2) Entrepreneurial Intention, (3) Higher Education, (4) Tertiary Education, (5) Developed Country, and (6) Asia. This research shows that entrepreneurship education can optimally strengthen the entrepreneurial ecosystem and encourage entrepreneurial intentions. Through quality entrepreneurship education programs, individuals can engage in various activities such as training, mentoring, and access to relevant resources


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