Document Type : Original Research Paper


Faculty of Psychology and Education , Allameh Tabatabai University ,Tehran, Iran.


The color images raise the level of educational by providing more detailed information; therefore, these images are believed to be effective in gaining a deeper understanding of the lessons. Moreover, Proper lighting enhances students’ learning and performance. This study aimed at assessing the impact of training color and light materials on elementary school girls’ attention and learning in Persian language lessons. This type of research was the semi-experimental design in which pre-test - post-test were administered on two independent experimental and control groups. The data collection was done through random cluster sampling.  To collect the required samples two primary first-grade classes were used. Experimental groups were under the influence of experimental materials and tools for color and light and control group influenced by materials and tools for Black and White and no special lighting. The test  was administered in 12 sessions for each group. The following data collection tools were applied in this study:

Research test  (to determine  students’ learning process )
Attention test (to determine  students’ learning attention)

The collected data were analyzed by covariance statistical tests. The scores obtained by students in the learning and attention tests were used to assessed their learning and attention The statistical analysis of data confirmed both the research hypotheses (α = 0.5) as  statistical results showed that:

The effect of light and color would increase students’ attention (the experimental group gained higher average scores )
The effect of light and color would enhance students’ learning (the experimental group gained higher average scores )

It is believed that further research on the effect of color and light training materials on students’ attention and learning will significantly improve the quality of teaching practices.