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The purpose of this study is designing a model of professional competency for the court of justice heads in Iran. Since the heads of justice in the country are always selected among judges, the model is mostly focused on the heads and judges. In this research we used both qualitative and quantitative methods. In the qualitative part, we interviewed 21 Supreme Court judges of the country. For analyzing the interviews, the Thematic analysis has been used. Also, we use PLS software to analyze the quantitative data. In the qualitative part, 27 main categories were obtained through the interviews which all of the 27 categories were combined into four main themes based on managerial theories and the relationships among the variables including: Individual competencies, Managerial and organizational Competencies, Meta-organizational competencies, and Judicial and legal merits. One of the differences among this study and other studies is that most of them focus on staffs when they search for competency models while here, we concentrate on the heads of justice’s competency model.


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