Document Type : Original Research Paper


1 Managing director at the Shahed microfinance institution, and Human resource management lecturer at Islamic Azad university central Tehran branch.

2 Manager of Plan and Development at the Shahed Microfinance Institution, and Sociology lecturer at soore University


One of the primary measures considered in the customer relationship management (CRM) of banks and financial institutions is assessing the service environment in various forms of needs assessment and satisfaction assessment. Customer satisfaction refers to the evaluation and judgment of customers regarding the perceived quality of the service provided according to their expectations. Countries have designed and implemented various indicators to measure customer satisfaction, known as the national index. Each of these customer satisfaction indicators has strengths and weaknesses. In this research, we used Iran's national customer satisfaction index as a composite index of existing indices. We evaluated it in Shahed Shahed Financial Institution. On the one hand seek to confirm and apply the combined customer satisfaction index in organizations and financial institutions. On the other hand, For the first time, this combined index is used to measure the satisfaction of customers of Shahed Microfinance institution. This research study is helpful for managers of microfinance institutions by providing practical recommendations.


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