Document Type : Original Research Paper


COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Attock, Pakistan.


Employees’ attitude towards his/her job differs across organization’s sector. The present study aimed to find out the differences in employee’s attitude in public and private sector. For this purpose, managers’ reward power and coercive power were taken as independent variables and their impact on employees’ job satisfaction (dependent variable) was examined in both sectors. Sample of 130 respondents were taken from public and private sector colleges and universities in district Attock. Comparison of both sectors was made. Results confirmed our hypothesis that both these sectors differ from and each other and this difference also influence the employees’ attitude. Managers/supervisors of private sector practice more reward and coercive power as compared to that of public sector. Regression analysis showed that reward power influences employees’ job satisfaction negatively in public sector while it has a positive impact in private sector. Relationship between coercive power of the manager and subordinate’s job satisfaction was significantly negative in public sector but in private sector no significant relationship was found between coercive power and employees’ job satisfaction. Suggestions for future research, implications for managers and limitations of study are discussed.