Document Type : Original Research Paper


Iqra University Islamabad, Islamabad Campus, Pakistan


This study investigates the factors affecting the brand loyalty of the customers of Auto-mobile industry in region of Pakistan with the use of ECSI model. A well-organized structured questionnaire was distributed among the customers of Auto-mobile industry. The questionnaire was based on 5 Point likert-type scale. Results show that the customer expectations have a direct positive impact on perceived value and an indirect impact on customer satisfaction. The study also finds that to satisfy the customers, customer’s education plays an important and positive role. Furthermore, the study finds a negative relationship between customer trust and customer loyalty. It is probably due to Pakistani culture in which the customers cannot fully trust the firm. Additionally, it is suggested that the ECSI model should be modified because customer education and trust are not present in the present model. In this regard, further research is required. Finally the study suggests that there should be an effort by the firm to improve the perceived quality because it positively influences the perceived value and customer satisfaction.